About Abnos Property Management

a�?Abnos means quality.A� We excela�� at offering our clients the most competitive commercial leasing rates
in the industry with unparalleled critique article example on-site management expertise.” – Damon Abnos

Company history

As the principal of Abnos Property Management, Damon Abnos has been in charge of the redevelopment, leasing, and property management for commercial office and retail properties in Kansas City. He has acquired over 1,100 new tenants in his portfolio of more than 130,000 square feet of commercial space.

Since 1979A�a��our company has provided persuasive speech question of fact examples outstanding customer support for more than 1,000 tenants. It was in the booming era of the 1960a�?s that our prime location was erected by leading architectural firms renowned for their award winning designs. In 1997 the Rockhill Plaza center under went a major million dollar renovation. To modernize our heating and cooling units we replaced our out-dated machinery with brand new models. To prepare for the next centurya��s wear and tear we implemented major repairs to each the exterior, roofing, foundation, and siding. To provide a professional upscale decor essential to modern architecture we installed more than 1,000 sqft of fine oak wood trim and paneling in the lobby. Our most recent improvement was the addition of tropical flora into our Rockhill Plaza lobby to improve decor and provide our tenants with the vitality of nature.

Company Values

a�? Tenant Loyalty
a�? Property Security
a�? Quality Satisfaction

As we continue to improve our facilities we are ever aware of providing the most satisfying tenant selection and commitment programs for each of our properties. We focus on our tenants needs with foremost attention. If ever a problem arises we are always quick to resolve the issue and provide the quality assurance essential to even the most minor of issue.


a��We have won several awards throughout our 28 years of management. In 1989 our Rockhill Plaza location received the Historic Building Renovation Award given by a group of Kansas City historical societies.A� In 2000, the Southtown Council selected our property to receive the Southtown Beautification Award for contributing to improving the beauty of the 63rd Street corridor.


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